Metal Fabrication

When restoring a classic car or modifying a current model vehicle, often times parts need to be formed or fabricated. Our team of metal fabricators has the experience to tackle projects of any size and type. We can fabricate and modify parts for virtually any vehicle.

Most custom metal fabrication starts out as a design or concept developed on paper or digitally that is then turned into a physical wire mockup. This developed mockup serves as a model concept of the part or piece that is being fabricated and shaped. By fabricating and shaping in this method, we are able to save an incredible amount of time designing and developing parts for your restoration or custom application.

Classic Auto Restoration Specialists offers the following metal fabrication services:

  • Door skins
  • Trunk lids
  • Running boards
  • Fender altercations / repairs
  • Floor pans
  • Custom interiors
  • Custom suspension
  • Deck lids
  • Firewalls
  • Custom body panels and frames
  • Rumble seat lids
  • Steel hoods
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