Our passion is to deliver the best experience for our Customers

Classic Restorations

Automotive Restorations

At C.A.R.S. we build your vehicle the way you’ve always dreamed of. We restore each vehicle as if it were our own with a passion that has created some of the finest show-winning vehicles found anywhere.

Automotive Sales

Automotive Sales

Our strategic marketing and sales process takes the hassle out of selling your classic automobile. We pride ourselves in providing our clientele with the best buying and selling experience in the industry.

Memorabilia Museum

Memorabilia Museum

C.A.R.S. hosts one of the country’s largest car, gas, oil, and miscellaneous automotive memorabilia collections. Our 33,000 square foot C.A.R.S. facility allows visitors to re-live the period of the classic cars era.

Exotic Car Timeshare

Ownership Plans

Fractional Ownership allows you to enjoy the prestige and the pure driving pleasure of owning an exotic super car throughout the year, without the costs & hassles of full ownership.

Drive Multiple Cars

Plans allow the option of driving multiple super cars throughout the year. If you choose, trade weeks from your primary vehicle to other super cars in our inventory to enjoy the greatest variety of driving experiences possible.

Worry-Free Driving

Generous mileage allowances as well as our own insurance coverage equal worry-free driving and no onerous surcharges that many leases often carry.


Our passion is to deliver the best for our customers. We welcome visitors, car clubs, organizations, press and media to visit our facility! We have hosted thousands of guests here and continue to support and donate our proceeds to the charities from our events. We have been blessed by the continued growth of our businesses, our dedicated teams of professionals, our vendors and our valued customers.

We look forward to continuing our quest to be the premier business of our kind in the world and invite everyone to visit and enjoy our passion for CARS!


  • My project goal was to take a slightly modified and extremely worn 1974 Jeep CJ5 and restore it as close to original as possible. The staff at Classic Auto Restoration Specialists provided a flexible restoration plan that allowed me to be fully engaged in every step of the process. The pace and the quality of the restoration workmanship met or exceeded my expectations. The staff was very accommodating as the restoration progressed and minor changes and modifications were requested; sometimes requiring them to undo work already accomplished to meet my goals. All you have to do is look at the before and after pictures and the final product to know they take pride in the work and provide a quality product. They stand behind their work to ensure the customer is completely satisfied. I would highly recommend consulting C.A.R.S. for any restoration work.Chris Snowdon
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