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When restoring a vehicle’s finish or deciding to custom paint your automobile it is imperative that you have a great base to start from, that’s where we come in

At Classic Auto Restoration Specialists, we believe that proper bodywork is the foundation of any quality paint job. When assessing an automobiles finish, whether the vehicle is a few years or even half a decade old, there will be imperfections that will need to be addressed prior to paint. These can range in complexity from light scratches, dents, paint bubbling, or even rust. By taking the time to properly address these and other potential issues prior to paint we can ensure a professional, long-lasting finish for years to come.

We create clear and easy-to-understand estimates while utilizing the most reputable suppliers for materials in the industry. Our unique quality assurance process enables us to meet your expectations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In order to reveal any hidden damage, and ensure a solid foundation for new paint to adhere to, all of the old paint must first be removed. To accomplish this, we employ several paint removal techniques depending on the extent of any visible damage, as well as the integrity of the panels themselves. In some cases, we media blast the entire vehicle to remove the paint. In other cases, we use a combination of media blasting and chemical removal.

If the panels are too thin and can warp during the media blast process, we remove the paint chemically or mechanically. In the event that paint removal reveals that there is more damage than originally anticipated, we immediately notify our customers to explain our findings. Once a vehicle arrives in our facility, it is:

  • Disassembled, and the parts, inspected, cataloged and stored
  • Inspected on our frame rack to determine the extent of repair required for proper body panel fitment
  • Stripped and media blasted to bare metal
  • Etch-primed to protect the bare steel
  • Repaired free of rust and dents
  • Block-sanded smooth
  • Primed and finished
  • Critiqued for perfect panel fitment
  • Inspected and sent to our paint department

After the prep work on your vehicle is complete, the final step in the paint-and-body restoration process is applying paint to your automobile. When your vehicle is ready for paint, it is inspected using a method referred to as a wet down inspection. This inspection involves a full wet-down inspection, which reveals any fine ripples and imperfections that may remain even after multiple stages of sanding. If necessary, the car will be primed and sanded once again to ensure a proper base in which to work off of.

After the wet-down inspection is complete:

  • The car is cleaned and masked
  • The body is then painted and clear-coated
  • The paint is inspected
  • The body is wet-sanded and buffed
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