Disassembly & Assembly

Prior to dis-assembly all projects are thoroughly photographed for future reference. By properly documenting your vehicle we are able to map out the course of action for your vehicle’s re assembly. This detailed process is integral to ensure that the reassembly process goes smooth and in a timely fashion.

Once properly photographed, the vehicle is then carefully taken apart, while noting any problems along the way. Parts and sub assemblies are inspected and shelved in a dedicated area specific only to your vehicle.

Each vehicle is carefully disassembled and all parts are categorized and labeled for that specific part. Parts are then inspected for repair, re-plating, painting, or replacement to restore the complete vehicle to its original like new state. If a part is not readily available and needs to be replaced we will attempt to locate one.  If we cannot then we may fabricate any part needed during assembly.

During our dis-assembly and reassembly process, parts for each restoration project are labeled and shelved. From there they are cleaned and prepared for re-assembly. Detailed information is maintained at all times to ensure quality restoration of each vehicle and accountability for each part.



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