About Us

The CARS classic/custom/sports car restoration business started in 1995 in the garage of the owner Michael Case. The birth of the business was unintentionally spawned by his frustration to receive reliable, affordable and quality work in restoring his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. After two failed attempts with local so called restoration shops, he decided to restore his car in his home garage with the help of some friends.

After his wife decided that a restoration shop was not a good idea in their home garage, he began a steady process of completing his car to the high quality standard he had expected any customer should be able to receive.

Then in 1999 after many requests from other people in the area to restore their cars, he launched a very humble part-time classic/custom/sports car restoration shop. The goal was to simply cover the overhead costs and allow him to restore other cars for himself. Despite this modest goal the business grew continuously requiring several expansions until it simply outgrew the 6,500 square foot space it was hatched in.

Then in 2007, the business was moved to a new larger facility with a full service 16,000 square foot shop, a 4,000 square foot gas and oil museum and office and another 18,000 square foot area for storage and future expansion – all of this under one roof!

Today, this world class facility is perfectly suited for all types of work performed,  disassembly, fabrication, body, paint, sand blasting, mechanical, assembly, interior, all performed by a team of experienced, well trained dedicated professionals. The results have been spectacular with hundreds of completed projects which have garnered numerous awards and gorgeous show vehicles shipped all over the United States and around the world to highly satisfied and valued customers.

The process is continuing to evolve with further expansion plans for new and upgraded equipment, a build out of a 6,000 square foot high end car sales area along with continual upgrades to the facility. Each month exciting new projects come in the door and completed vehicles are delivered from this one stop shop. The motto is “CARS are the STARS and if you can dream it we can build it”. Our passion is to deliver the best for our customers. We welcome visitors, car clubs, organizations, press and media to visit our facility! We have hosted thousands of guests here and continue to support and donate our proceeds to the charities from our events. We have been blessed by the continued growth of our businesses, our dedicated teams of professionals, our vendors and our valued customers. We look forward to continuing our quest to be the premier business of our kind in the world and invite everyone to visit and enjoy our passion for CARS!

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